What if your team could work on the frontier of human productivity with multimodal AI assistants that understand natural language, offer tool control, and effectively plan and reason?
Here at Merlyn Mind, our scientists and engineers are working at the leading edge of AI to develop domain-specific, custom-tuned LLMs that are efficient, hallucination-resistant, private, and safe. This AI platform enables the creation of highly versatile AI assistants that operate on your enterprise content and data.
As featured in:

Multimodal AI assistants

Use voice, text, or touch computing to interact with your technology.

Task-specific, custom-tuned LLMs

Q&A, topic extraction, PII detection, safety, and transcript analysis models on your content and data.

Retrieval-augmented generation

Enhance content generation with reasoning over structured and unstructured data.

Tool control

Multitask with autonomous agents and human-in-the-loop agents in an enterprise setting.

Long-term memory

Use long-term memory modules to personalize the AI
experience just for you, your clients, and your employees.

“We looked at all of the large language models from big tech companies. None of them met our business’s unique needs. But Merlyn Mind’s purpose-built, customizable platform was exactly what we were looking for.”