The generative AI platform for education

Meet Merlyn, the AI assistant powered by our AI platform. Merlyn offers voice control of tech, supercharged productivity, and increased engagement, all with the confidence that it’s private, safe, and secure.
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How can you get AI right for education?

There is no shortage of AI solutions that aren’t private, safe, and secure. That demand too much training. That lead to silent classrooms and students staring at screens.

With Merlyn, the tech disappears into the background and teachers are free to focus on what matters most: their students.

Meet Merlyn
The all-in-one AI assistant for education
In-class instruction
Merlyn is the only AI solution offering safe and secure voice control of classroom technology. With Merlyn, teachers can operate their front-of-class display, internet applications, and Merlyn chat from anywhere in the room via their voice or remote control.
Teacher prep
Outside the classroom, Merlyn’s generative AI creates lesson plans, grading rubrics, professional communication, assessments, and differentiated learning experiences at the touch of a button.
Student engagement
The richest learning experiences come from teacher and student engagement. Unlike AI tutors that send students off to stare at screens, Merlyn encourages more engagement among teachers and students,
not less.
Merlyn solutions
for every teacher
AI for teacher laptops

How Merlyn AI is different

Voice assistance
Voice control of tech. Supercharged productivity. Increased engagement. All with the confidence that it’s private, safe, and secure.
Eases cognitive overload
Merlyn’s productivity tools and voice-controlled automations eliminate tech friction, save teachers time, and ease their cognitive burden.
Safer, more reliable AI
Merlyn is the only platform that combines the best of cutting-edge general-purpose AI with Merlyn Mind’s proprietary large language models and safety protocols built just for education. That means in-class instruction with Merlyn is reliable, safe, and appropriate.
“The promise of edtech has always been, ‘We’re going to make life easier.’ I’ve been doing this a long time, and Merlyn is the first edtech product that is actually making the lives of our teachers easier.”
– Superintendent Michael McCormick, Val Verde Unified School District, CA